The Best at IDW 2014

For all good and right reasons, and without fear or favor, it is now time to anoint the best at Iloilo Designers Week 2014. The week-long fashion event certainly brought forth the good, the bad and the ugly.
But yours truly will only delve on the movers, shakers and achievers of IDW 2014!After all, life is beautiful!


BO PARCON, JAKI PEÑALOSA, JOHN MONTINOLA, ERIC de los SANTOS and DON PROTASIO have consistently produced memorable collections. Their bodies of works are a testament of their exquisite craftsmanship, fabulous creativity, forecasts and statements, and influence in the fashion world! Each of their pieces is a work of art. It may be a cliché but they have elevated fashion into a living art.


The collections of JET SALCEDO, MIKE SORILLA, DAUSON BERMTAY and HELLO HELLO are on my Best List. Their passion for fashion is evident in each of their pieces, which were wearable yet luxurious, and modern but classic. It’s everyone’s dream to wear their creations.

AGNESETTE AUSAN, PETER RIAN CASIDSID and RECHE SEGURA showed a lot of promise at IDW 2014. Their collections had the wow effect. For these newbies, they had upstaged some of the “older” designers. Yours truly is looking forward more of their fabulous creations in the future.


DODDIE VRIL TAN, DJOHN CLEMENT, JUN-G CANDELARIO, SIDNEY ECULLA, JOSE MARIA SARMIENTO and MEL GRECIA QUIMPO should also be applauded for coming up with excellent pieces. Their zeal for style is unquestioned and unparalleled.

(Photos by Raymart Escopel)

Hosts with the most

“Sports do not build character. They reveal it.” – John Wooden

Basketball enthusiast, the vivacious NOEL MIRASOL, hosted a fun lunch get-together at Hometown Buffet by Freska at the Ayala Techno Hub for the University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos Rams.
Coach GEROME ALEDRON led his team and friends in enjoying the sumptuous array of Filipino favorites, the company, and good conversations on basketball, partying and each other!
The Rams were here for the recent UNIGAMES. Although, they did not make it to the Finals, they got pleasure from the famed Ilonggo hospitality!

The following night, it was tres charmante MARITESS LIM’s turn to host a dinner party for the Adamson Falcons at Kusina Tsina. Owner EUGENE CHUA outdid himself by preparing a heavenly spread of Chinese dishes, much to the delight of coaches KENNETH DUREMDES, VINCE HIZON and GILBERT CRUZ, and the players!
The conversation centered on Boracay as they were excited for the very early trip to the paradise island!
Yes, the Falcons were also here for the recent UNIGAMES!

To see and be seen

“Society is founded upon cloth.” – Thomas Carlyle

They came and liked what they saw – at least some of the collections. Oh, well, yours truly is talking about the fashionable personas who watched Iloilo Designers Week (IDW) 2014 from the Day 1 to Gala Night!
While some came in stylish street wear, a few brave souls were in avant garde outfits influenced by big names in high fashion –ALEXANDER McQUEEN, JOHN GALLIANO, MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA and JEAN PAUL GAULTIER, to name a few.
Fashion designers hobnobbed with stylists, models and fashionistas in what is dubbed as Iloilo City’s style event of the year.

Now on its third year, IDW has placed “My City, My Pride” in the Philippine fashion map! Top local designers were joined by Cosmo-Manille, Bacolod and Kalibo couturiers. And after all, one of the most in-demand runway mannequins, supermodel RIA BOLIVAR, is a proud Ilongga!
IDW is the project of popular designers JAKI PEÑALOSA and BO PARCON. (Photos by Raymart Escopel)

Iloilo Designers Week 2014: Gala Night

Iloilo Designers Week (IDW) 2014 culminated with the Gala Night at Kalantiao Hall of Sarabia Manor Hotel and Convention Center. The dinner-show event featured the Hablon creations of twenty-two local designers. Rightfully so, there were standouts and there were better off standing out!
Hablon creations are staples for IDW Gala Nights in honor of the world-class locally weaved fabrics. IDW aims to give hablon, piña, jusi, patadyong and abaca international appeal that go beyond costumes and theatrics.



Part Two of the IDW 2014 Gala Night featured the collections of top designers from Manila. They presented varying statements with a range of inspirations. They gave everyone a wide array of style options.

FREDERICK PERALTA’s collections are always about drop-dead glamour and luxurious elegance. His pieces at IDW 2014 Gala Night were high fashion worthy of international appeal. He showcased opera coats and beaded gowns with back emphasis, ruffles, book leaf skirts and fringes.

XERNAN ORTICIO’s black, off-white and mocca pieces were perfect for elegant ladies who lunch. They have 50s glamour with fabulous tailoring and detailing of patterned stripes. His neoprene tops with leather details, and tunics over dresses were standouts. His silhouette is full and soft, and mini to mid-calf.

BARGE RAMOS’ printed silk dress shirts and dyed piña barongs with wing collars and cuffs were to die for! His black, white and grey color scheme also reflected his well-designed printed and beaded silk gowns with flowy skirts.

¡Ole! JEROME LORICO was inspired by matadors and toreros. He gave his pieces a 1920s flapper touch. It included pullovers, scarves, boleros, jumpers, eyelet shirts, capelets with leather fringe details. His silhouette has volume yet waisted!

ALBERT ANDRADA’s pieces were definitely luxurious. He took inspirations from the creatures and plants of the undersea. His sea nymph, goddess and mermaid creations were beaded and embroidered with scale and seaweed patterns. Cool, soft, flowy, foamy and glittery, they came in white, pink and aqua. On his gowns, he achieved with perfection and with expert beading the look of glistening water reflected by light.

(Photos by Raymart Escopel)

Iloilo Designers Week 2014: Trends

One thing is for sure, the participating designers at Iloilo Designers Week 2014 forecasted trends and made statements for 2015. They agreed that black, nude and white will be popular. Style will be influenced by Asian Fusion. Day wear is all about shirts, shorts, chinos, jackets and coats, and lounge wear. For evening elegance, it will be lace, mesh and georgette, beaded and embroidered.









Iloilo Designers Week 2014 Day 3: The Review

Class, taste and talent are innate qualities; either you are born with them or not. This sentiment was reflected at the third day of Iloilo Designers Week where six designers, in two portions, offered six different varying fashion points of view.
While some pieces were applauded for these qualities, a few were memorable for the want or the lack of them!


ERIC de los SANTOS’ lounge pieces were flirty, fluid and feminine! Stripes and floral prints came in royal blue, white and yellow. A-line flowy georgette dresses, with varying necklines, overlayed LBDs. His pantsuits with cutouts and peek-a-boos were also standouts.

DODDIE VRIL TAN’s “Castaway” ethnic pieces were fabulously put together. He updated them with ponchos and capelets in georgette and silk fishnets embellished with floral appliqués and wooden accessories. His lazer cut dress was a standout. His silhouette was feminine and wasp-waisted.

If his models were lost in the layers of ruffles, cabbage roses and shredded organza, I’m definitely in quandary of appropriate words to best describe MANDY SALCEDO’s collection. Needless to say, it was visually overloaded! It was not for the faint hearted. His colors were glaring! For him, Spring and Summer will have a vivacity of colors – sunshine yellow, aqua and purple, and short, tight and shiny! Fashion journalist and critic NINA GARCIA will love this collection.

PETER RIAN CASIDSID paid tribute to the Gibson Girls of the late 19th century. He modernized this look by pairing piña and abaca with silk and French lace, and with baroque embellishments. His pieces came in beaded and layered peplum, and bouffant and pencil skirts. He expertly fused barong tops with tuxedos and tuxedo tail with slim beaded pants. Strong yet feminine, his collection was “East met West!”


JOSE MARIA SARMIENTO paid homage to the esteemed RAMON VALERA in his Karihup Ball inspired collection. His ecru, tangerine, vermillion, black and white, mesh, silk and lace pieces were embroidered, ruched and empire-waisted. His peplums and over-skirts gave his classic pieces modern looks.

Theatrical, MEL GRECIA QUIMPO’s pieces were inspired by fairy tales “Maleficent” and “Frozen. ” They came in black, yellow green, pink, teal, ecru and gold mesh, silk and velvet, either beaded, embroidered or embellished with feather and pseudo fur. The cropped tops were paired with capris and/or pleated skirts.

(Photos by Raymart Escopel)


“Your customers will get better when you do.” – Unknown Source

RCP Ritmo Tambores set the pace for the formal launch of DECA Homes Pavia Resort and Residences at La Tolda of Plazuela de Iloilo. While inside was hot with action, outside Typhoon Ompong was raging! But it did not dampen the spirits of the guests, who included 8990 Housing Development Corporation (HDC) executives, brokers, homeowners, employees and politicians.
A pioneering and low-cost housing project, DECA Homes Pavia Resort and Residences is the first subdivision in the region to have a wakeboarding facility! It is located at Barangay Pnadac, Pavia, Iloilo.
Special guest, Mayor MIKE GORRICETA of Pavia, Iloilo, hobnobbed with HDC executives RICHARD HAOSEN and President and CEO JJ Atencio.
The party went into high gear with the presence of Kapuso Star BELA PADILLA who entertained everyone with songs and games. Putting the guests in laughing mood was top radio personality VARVIN HIÑOLA aka MAMA MONYEKA. (Photos by Raymart Escopel)

Iloilo Designers Week 2014 Day 2: The review

Fashion is more than beads and embroideries and fashion shows are about forecast, trends and statements. On Day Two of Iloilo Designers Week 2014, a handful of designers hit the mark while a few missed it altogether and some stayed safe by rehashing their previous seasons’ collection!


DON PROTASIO’s collection had international appeal with Asian twist. It was layered but not stuffy. His layered unstructured coats, hooded vest, cropped pants, flared pants, pajama pants, jackets sweat shirts, low-crotched shorts in black, white, checks and dots were stuffs streetwear are made of! Linen and poplin were his fabrics of choice.

MIKE SORILLA showed everyone that his bustiers can come in varied décolletages and his skirts are more than bias, layered, pencil and bouffant. A menswear designer, he had made a smooth transition to women’s wear without coming out androgynous. In fact, his pieces were very feminine with structured softness. His color palette included cream, charcoal and black. His touch was minimalist but not boring.

Another on my winners’ list is the refreshing collection of DAUSON BERMTAY. Unconventional, it is not run of the mill! He paired vivid colors with brown, peach, black and grey, whiplash and grass prints with plain, and silk with linen. He gave varsity jackets new twists. His sweat shirts and shorts with patched pockets were standouts. His attention to details was exquisite. He accessorized with clutch, backpacks, grips and carry-alls.

Kudos to Hello Hello for a no-frills yet fab collection! It was shapeless yet figure-flattering. He gave his structured pieces softness and volume. Minimalist yet standouts, his oversized, cropped and pleated button down and prairie dresses, pinafores and dress-blouses over cropped pants in white and black linen are season-less, can be worn day to night, and can be mixed and matched.


DJOHN CLEMENT’s collection paid homage to women’s figure. It came in emerald and black, pleated and sheered, with draped peplum, with linear beading, mini and long, and asymmetrical. His silhouette was hour-glass and wasp-waisted.

AGNESETTE AUSAN’s collection was a breath of fresh air! Inspired by La Dolce Vita, her pieces were flirty with lots of prints and colors! Cropped tops were paired with high-waisted shirts. She showed dresses over palazzo pants, kaftans, shift dresses and resort wear perfect for yachting in South of France or clubbing in Ibiza. European with 70s appeal!

Peach and black were PAUL CONTE’s colors of choice. His flounce skirts were layered and be-peplumed for waist and hips emphasis. He mixed silk with lace and sheer with web beading. His collection has strength and femininity.


JUN-G CANDELARIO’s collection was all about layered train galore in red, black, mint and nude. His pieces were draped or pleated with pseudo-fur, embroidered and beaded on lazer-cut lace and sheer mesh. His opera coats and shawls added punch to his slinky gown.

SIDNEY ECULLA’s collection was an embodiment of quiet luxury – Swiss lace and silk. Peplum was paired with funnel and bouffant skirts. And they came in mocca, nude, peach and cream.

(Photos by Raymart Escopel)

Iloilo Designers Week 2014 Day One: The Review


I posted on my Facebook wall that for Iloilo Designers Week 2014, I wanted to be surprised , not shocked, by the creations of the participating designer. Indeed, I was!
It opened with Kids’ Wear portion. It featured the children’s pieces of the participating designers. The showcase encapsulated their collections. It provided everyone with good laugh with the antics of cute models, thus, setting the mood for things to come – like cocktails before dinner!


BO PARCON, who never ceases to surprise everyone, went nude and blushed. He gave nudity a twist by being inspired by nature. He presented jumpsuits, sweat shirts with crew necks, jogger and cuffed pants and chinos with geometric cutouts. He went long, knee-length and mini. He accessorized with wooden cuffs and flat sandals. His body conscious creations will certainly be next year’s trend!

A proponent of locally weaved fabrics, JAKI PEÑALOSA featured modern pieces with timeless appeal. Her collection for women 16 to 60 years old included black, gold, pink, grey and burgundy hablon and piña tube dresses and A-line gowns with dropped waists treated with intricate embroideries. Filigreed accessories finished the look.

JOHN MONTINOLA’s collection reminded of CATHERINE DENEUVE’s movie “Indochine” and French designer YVES ST. LAURENT who always took inspirations from folk costumes and giving them luxurious looks. He did just that and more. His nude and gold beaded silk, georgette and lace pieces with sheer cutouts were reminiscent of the glamorous 30s French colonial era. He updated the cheongsam with funnel sleeves and bows. Obi belts, tassled earrings, beaded clutches and conical rice paddy Vietnamese hats completed the looks.

JET SALCEDO had his models wear crowns. His collection was a fusion of Japanese Shogunate and Royal baroque. He juxtaposed studded fiberglass bustiers, belts and epaulettes with intricately gold embroidered empire, kerchief and be-peplumed black mini and bubble dresses and jumpsuits. Intense and luxurious best describe the collection.


BINKY PITOGO paid homage to femininity with her draped, beaded and embroidered pieces in lavender, blush and gold lace. Her hour glass silhouette had 60s drama. However, her obra maestra were lost in georgette over-skirts and draperies.

RECHE SEGURA is my candidate for the most promising designer in Iloilo Designers Week 2014. His Grecian-inspired gowns have sweeping trains which make dramatic entrances. His silk and lace femme fatale black pieces with asymmetrical draping and waist emphasis was capped with a pristine white gown with feather beadings. All pieces were fabulously tailored, classic yet modern. I give him five stars of approval!

TOTONG GELLANGARIN’s “Fringe with benefits” collection had structured softness. His egg yolk yellow, lavender, fuchsia, green, grey, mocca, peach and aqua hablon pieces were Latin-inspired, with Indian-inspired appliqués and embroideries, and were heavily-beaded. Fringes served as panuelos for the gowns. However, there were too much going on in his total look.

And the winners are…

“The greatest need of every human being is the need for appreciation.” – Unknown Source

The 1st Little Mr. and Ms. PRISSAAP capped the weeklong 4th PRISSAAP National Children’s Congress at Punta Villa Resort. Delegates from different schools across the Visayas and Mindanao filled the resort’s Crown Ballroom to cheer for their respective candidates.
Seven pairs of cute, vivacious and intelligent kids competed in Production Number, Street Wear Competition, Talent Presentation, Formal Attire Parade and Interview Portion.
KIAN BENZ BASTIAN and YANNA JOY BALBIN were declared Little Mr. and Ms. PRISSAAP 2014 in a unanimous decision by judges Arangkada Girl KATE CHAVEZ, muy simpatico JOSANLO CALDERA and yours truly.
KIAN, who represented St. Joseph School Iloilo, Inc., took the awards for Best in Production Number, Best in Street Wear, Best in Talent, Best in Formal Wear and Best in Interview while YANNA JOY, who came from Holy Rosary Academy, was adjudged Best in Street Wear and Best in Formal Attire.
The winners’ court included 1st Prince MACARIO SANTINO ESPERA of St. Anthony’s Grade School and 1st Princess JAMAICA LIMPIN of Noemi Learning Center, Inc. (Best in Production Number and Best in Interview), 2nd Prince STEFF JARED DOPLAYNA of Solomon Integrated School de Iloilo and 2nd Princess SEAN JASPERE SOLIS of St. Anthony’s Grade School, 3rd Prince CROMMUEL PALACIOS of St. Augustine Catholic School and 3rd Princess RANIELA LOUISE AGUILA of Cabatuan Parochial School (Best in Talent), and 4th Prince JUNEL CLEMENTIR of Cabatuan Parochial School and 4th Princess DANAH FAYE LEGARDE of St. Augustine Catholic School.
With the theme, “Children of Today: Legacy of Yesterday, Frontrunners of Today,” the 4th Private Secondary School Administrators Association of the Philippines (PRISSAAP) was facilitated by NICFRANZ C. de los REYES, PRISSAAP Youth Coordinator under the supervision of the PRISSAAP National President Dr. EXEQUIEL F. GUANZON.