Welcoming Liam Alexander

(Captions: Couple André Salcedo and Ria Bolivar with Sarah Salcedo. Sarah Jaleco, Ria Bolivar and Dimples de la Cruz. Agnesette Marie B. Ausan, Marco Salcedo and Marah Salcedo. Dimples de la Cruz with daughter)

It was a breezy afternoon when couple ANDRÉ SALCEDO and RIA BOLIVAR hosted a baby shower party in anticipation of the birth of their son LIAM ALEXANDER which will come anytime soon!

To unleash their wild side, the guests – family members, relative and friends — trooped to the SALCEDO residence at Puerto Real for the animal-theme party. Of course, the lady of the house SARAH SALCEDO was there to welcome everyone.

(Captions: Minsu Kim and Jet Salcedo. Ria Aquino, Joel Aldeguer and AJ Aldeguer Javier. AJ Aldeguer Javier and yours truly. Marah Salcedo, Joel Aldeguer, Hershey Jesena, Mariebelle Mallo, André Salcedo, Ria Bolivar, Jet Salcedo, Michelle Legaspi, Jackie Tedoco, Dylee Zulueta, Rafa Zulueta and Marco Salcedo (kneeling).)

Amid the fun and interesting conversations, everyone enjoyed on gastronomic treats and beveragic delights till midnight. Needless to say, merienda cena segued to dinner and midnight snack!

What happened next or in between was another story. N’est ca pas, JET SALCEDO?

(Caption: Yumminess at the party)


They came, they saw…

(Captions: The curtain call of Iloilo Designers Week 2016 Gala Night. Bo Parcon, yours truly, Mary Cecilia Tiongco, Sheilla Marie Golez-Tiongco, AJ Aldeguer Javier, JM and Mary May Tiongco, Nonoi Ybiernas and Pinoy Gonzales. Carmi David, yours truly, Marites Munieza-Baterna, and Kim Gan. Ciara Bohler, Joel Aldeguer, Sarah Salcedo, André Salcedo and Ria Bolivar)

Naturellement, a fashion event is never complete without fashionable and sociable personas to support and watch it. And there was a bunch of them at the Gala Night of Iloilo Designers Week 2016 at the art deco Casa Real!

They came in their stylish outfits and charming selves, like what they saw, and stayed! They enjoyed on sumptuous hors d’oeuvres (courtesy of Le Gresh), each other’s company and good conversations at the patio of the historic government building.

The main event followed at the Main Hall. While the guests have varied reactions on the collections, they all agreed that the bright minds behind IDW 2016 did a good job. After all, this was the fashion event of the year. (Photos by Ray Tabafunda)

(Captions: Angelito and Moe Magahum, Bo Parcon, Kirstie Ann Parcon and Yolanda Parcon-Tejares. Josh Davis Sales, Aaron Paul and Angela Malata and Jadel Sales. Nonoi Ybiernas, Totong Gellangarin and yours truly. Yours truly with BJ Chavez and Jor-El Espina)

…and they partied!

(Captions: Angelie and Angelito Magahum. May, Mariela, Sharon and Freya. Bo Parcon, Jet Salcedo, DJohn Clement and Edison Sy. Carlos Durana. Robert Hudak, Mark Hermano, Justin Andutan, JJ Gapasin, Niko de los Reyes and Michael Carnaje)

The partying went in crescendo at Prism, Metro-Iloilo’s premier party place at the hip-hopping Smallville! Designers, models, image experts and fashionistas hobnobbed with each other amid sips and spills of beveragic delights and in between bites of yummy hors d’oeuvres!

After a week of hard work (yes, modelling and putting up a fashion show is hard work), everyone was ready to let their hair down and party. And partied they did till wee hours! (Photos by Joshua Enriques Photography)

(Captions: AJ Aldeguer Javier, sisters Mary May and JM Tiongco and Matthew Du. Giulia, Gino and Annalisa (seated) with Mariela, Tracy, Samya, Niko and Jessa. Carmi, Sonia and Kim with Mac Taug. Minsu Kim, Jet Salcedo and Joel Aldeguer. Macoy Abapo, Rommel Paborada, Martin Gumban, Kate Chavez, Bree Fagtanac and Darwin Polo Orma. Gio Herrera, Franco Malay, Kate Chavez and Bree Fagtanac)


IDW 2016: Gala Night

(Bo Parcon and his hablon creations)

Iloilo Designers Week 2016 came into a stylish conclusion with a gala night at Casa Real. Attended by who’s who, who’s not and who’s that in the social and fashion scene, it started with an al fresco cocktails at the gardens of the historic government building. The salon-type show was held at the Main Hall.

(Standouts: Sidney Eculla, Kim Gan, and Jet Salcedo’s gown and three-piece suit)

As a tradition for IDW, the participating designers presented a hablon ensemble and two pieces from their collection. It was a colourful display of various inspirations and statements. Among the standouts were the creations of BO PARCON, JAKI PEÑALOSA, TOTONG GELLANGARIN, SIDNEY ECULLA, KIM GAN and JET SALCEDO for creativity and fine craftsmanship.


(Jaki Peñalosa and her gowns)

The guest designers – Cebu-based PHILIPP TAMPUS and CARY SANTIAGO — also presented their stylish masterpieces.

PHILIPP TAMPUS featured three exquisitely designed and crafted wedding gowns. In white, they were intricately embellished with beadworks and embroideries.

(Totong Gellangarin’s Spanish-inspired gowns)

Meanwhile, CARY SANTIAGO’s robe de marriage was a showstopper! It was embossed with rosettes for added texture. Inspired by French master couturier HUBERT de GIVENCHY, it was timeless yet modern with international appeal! Bravo!

(Philipp Tampus’ wedding gowns)

My congratulations are also extended to the bright minds behind Iloilo Designers Week 2017 for a successful event!  (Photos by Ray Tabafunda and Steve Francis Quiatchon)

(Cary Santiago’s robe de marriage and tailored suit)



Adriano Samar: Passionately feminine

Romantic and feminine were the two words that best described the collection of ADRIANO SAMAR for Iloilo Designers Week 2016.

It’s every woman’s dream to be dressed in luxurious fabrics like velvet, lace and silk. And he just exactly that!

In classic black, emerald green and pristine white, his pieces were intricately embellished with embroideries and beadworks. Their craftsmanship was superb! His silhouette was soft and close to the body, sexy yet ethereal.

Accessorizing was kept to the minimum as to focus the attention to these timeless but modern pieces, which came in varied hemlines – above the knee to floor length. (Photos by Steve Francis Quiatchon)


Completing the look

 The biggest surprises of Iloilo Designers Week 2016 were accessories designers BJ CHAVEZ and ARMI of PESBA.

They declared that a fashionista’s look is never complete without accessories, be it simple and understated or opulent and elaborate.

The right way of putting on an accessory is a matter of choice. And these creative artisans showed how!

Flying high with BJ Chavez

BJ CHAVEZ’s Aves Collection was opulent but tastefully done in feathers, coloured stones, gold, chains and shredded silk. They came in collar necklaces, wrist and arm cuffs, shrugs, rings and earrings, all inspired by Egyptian mythology and paired with JOR-EL ESPINA column gowns.

His accessories were definitely made for dramatic effect. (Photos by Steve Francis Quiatchon)

PESBA by Armi: Accessories with advocacy

 PESBA stands for Pera Sa Basura. Rightfully so, ARMI turned paper and other people’s garbage into stylish necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings, which can be worn day to night and in any event.

The colourful items stood out in BO PARCON’s little black dresses.

PESBA is an advocate of environment, employment and empowerment! Who says you can’t turn trash into gold and, in this case, stylish accessories?(Photos by Steve Francis Quiatchon)



The Peñalosas: Mother and Daughter

Jaki Peñalosa: Champion of local weave

JAKI PEÑALOSA gave credence to her monicker, Queen of Hablon, by presenting a collection that paid homage to Ilonggo heritage fabrics – hablon and piña jusi – at Iloilo Designers Week 2016.

Paired with silk, they were embellished with intricate embroideries giving each piece a subtle luxurious look. Her creations came in knee-length dresses, evening gowns, bustier and pants ensembles, and tunics. As always, her craftsmanship is polished and detailed.

He silhouette is A-line and structured. Her color palette included black and gold.

Needless to say, her collection is Filipiniana but wearable, modern yet timeless, local and international. After all, she did shows in Norway, Italy, UK, Canada and USA, to name a few. (Photos by Steve Francis Quiatchon)

Aisha Peñalosa: Making it on her own

AISHA PEÑALOSA may be following her mother’s footsteps but she is her own person. Her collection, also in black and gold, is youthful and modern, and can be a staple for elegant after-six events.

She presented knee-length, asymmetrical, long and mullet shirts that showed a lot of legs. She emphasized the shoulders but cinched the waist. Some dresses came A-line while others were swinging. He silhouette was a study of contrast – structured and soft.

Like her mother, she paired silk with local weaves. Definitely, she is a designer to watch. (Photos by Steve Francis Quiatchon)



Jor-El Espina: Larger than life

No one can blame JOR-EL ESPINA for being excessive in his designs. After all, it’s his aesthetics. His latest collection for Iloilo Designers Week 2016 was colorful and larger than life. His color palette ran the whole range of the rainbow connection like eye-popping candies.
His oversized peplums and coat dress, sashes, ruffles and voluminous skirts competed with the hand-painted floral prints. His shoulders were soft and dropped, and waist cinched.
His bags and accessories were a bit unnecessary for the looks — updated 50s — he was trying to achieve. But then, he is also a bag and accessories designer.
But, hey, he was effective with his collection. For that, I congratulate him. Keep on, JOR-EL ESPINA! (Photos by Steve Francis Quiatchon)


Kim Gan and her Geishas

Geishas through the centuries have fascinated the Western and Eastern worlds. Behind their porcelain beauty and fragile femininity, they exuded quiet strength and subtle power. History would tell us that some of them were responsible for the rise and fall of great men. They can snare and charm farmers, warriors and noble alike with equal competence, as they have been trained.

For Cosmo-Manille based fashion designer KIM GAN, this premise and their aesthetics, fashion and nuances are reasons enough for her GAKUYA (dressing room for geishas) collection of Seishun (Springtime of Life).

This collection for Iloilo Designers Week 2016 also reflected her love for the Japanese culture.

Presented as prêt a porter, the pieces are fresh, youthful, vibrant, sexy and trendy. She gave the traditional kimonos modern and wearable twists with international and classic allure. Her color palette included pinks, grays, mint and off-white. Her attention to detail was manifested in her choices of fabrics, subtle embroideries of chrysanthemums, obi sashes, and styling and accessorizing.

Her silhouette was draped and soft. She paired slim cropped and long kimonos jackets with oversized pants, swinging skirts and bustier pantsuits. Her winning pieces were kimono dresses that showed the front as back, which hanged loosely on soft shoulders of the models, thus showing their sexy backs.

The presentation of her collection at Robinsons Place Jaro was given an extra punch with the presence of cute model SANDY MUNIEZA BATERNA who delighted everyone with her brand of catwalk! (Photos by Ray Tabafunda)

Jet Salcedo in a Gold Rush

For JET SALCEDO, opulence is an understatement. His latest collection for Iloilo Designers Week 2016, Gold Diggers, was a study of luxurious fabrics, elegance and drop dead glamour.

It gave tribute to stylish merry widows who came into a fortune from their late husbands. It was for strong, powerful, manipulative women who get want they want.

While the collection was predominantly gold, the designer’s favourite black was very evidently. His attention to detail was ubiquitous in every piece. He painstakingly cut lace patterns and meticulously stitched them together to come up with textured and layered looks.

Capes, capelets and trains competed for attention. Laces and silk were his media. His silhouette was hour-glass. And you can wear JET SALCEDO short, mid-calf and long.

His collection is summed up as over-the-top without going overboard, and 80s glam with enduring fascination.  (Photos by Ray Tabafunda)

IDW 2016 and Bo Parcon

Iloilo Designers Week celebrated its 5th year at the recently opened Robinsons Place Iloilo with a three-day fashion extravaganza. Twenty-one designers – established and upcoming – presented their collections that ranged from sublime to luxurious, wearable to costumey, and flashy to trashy!

While the participating designers got high marks on VISUALS, which included creativity, choice of colors, styling, and hair and make-up, some of them failed on the TECHNICALS (craftsmanship, fitting, proportion, choice of fabric, fabric manipulation and finishing); and in FORECASTS and STATEMENTS.

Some collections were polished, cohesive and well-thought of while a few were hurriedly-done.

In final analysis, IDW 2016 was a presentation of varied ideas with lots of promise.

Yours truly is looking forward to Iloilo Designers Week 2017!

Bo Parcon and his Kuro collection

Iloilo’s Bad Boy of Fashion BO PARCON never ceases to surprise everyone. Every year he comes up with well-crafted collections with the elements of VISUALS, TECHNICALS, and FORECASTS and STATEMENTS in place!

This year, his Kuro (Black in Japanese) Collection was no exception. He interpreted a samurai costume into wearable pieces which can be mixed and matched.

He featured asymmetrical tshirts, bomber jackets, skirts, slim and cropped pants in pseudo leather, linen and cotton.

His aesthetics is always understated and linear while his silhouette is close to the body.

For styling, he used floral head pieces in lieu of a kabuto (samurai helmet) and floral wands instead of a katana (samurai sword). Thus, giving his collection a very youthful, modern and masculine feel with timeless appeal.

Kudos to your Kuro Collection, BO PARCON! (Photos by Ray Tabafunda)


Turning Japanese

Today at The Quad of Robinsons Place Jaro, Cosmo-Manille based fashion designer KIM GAN will pay homage to geishas in her latest collection for Iloilo Designers Week 2016. She will give traditional Japanese kimonos modern and wearable twists.

Because of her keen appreciation of Japanese culture and aesthetics, she will present pieces inspired by Seishun (Springtime of Life) for the women of quiet strength and subtle power of femininity and beauty. The collection is fresh, youthful, vibrant and trendy. With a mix of pinks and greys, its attention to detail and texture, and fabulous choices of fabric are very evident in every piece.

A graduate of Fine Arts Majoring in Interior Design from Univeristy of Santo Tomas, she moved to Tokyo, Japan to pursue further practical education in arts and fashion.

In 2009, she opened GAKUYA (which means a dressing room for Geishas) at Corinthian Gardens Clubhouse. The atelier has since catered to fashionable clients.

She broke into the international scene when a gown she designed was featured in 2011 Vogue Italia. In 2012, her works were featured in numerous editorials for Best Actress awardee ALICE DIXSON, talented ALESSANDRA de ROSSI, Miss Universe OLIVIA CULPO of USA, America’s Next Top Models SOPHIE SUMNER, DOMINIQUE REIGHARD and BRITTANY KLINE, Miss Philippines Universe MARY JANE LASTIMOSA, and Miss International 2013 BEA SANTIAGO.

She recently dressed up Miss Universe PIA WURZTBACH, and teen sensation NADINE ILUSTRE, leading star of the hit show On the Wings of Love.

Aside from dressing Cosmo-Manille’s high profile personalities and celebrities, her creations were featured in various high profile campaigns for Flawless Skincare Cosmetics and RCBC.

She is currently working on a capsule collection to be showcased in Yokohama, Japan for the Sakura Collection, an international cultural exchange and exhibition.

For her, having earned the notice of the people behind the Canada-Philippine Fashion Week in 2013, and again in June 2014, was a singular achievement.


My Birthday Series 2

(Captions: Pane Rosales, yours truly, Pangging Rosales, Pauline G. Banusing and Nonoi Ybiernas. Ding Montelibano and Noel Mirasol. Jet Salcedo, Minsu and Bo Parcon)

Appetites were more than satisfied as popular restaurateur/chef PAULINE GORRICETA-BANUSING hosted an Ilonggo dinner for me at Farm To Table in celebration of my birthday!

From the table setting to the specialized menu, the mood was celebratory!

Early bird JET SALCEDO came with supermodel RIA BOLIVAR and his Korean friend MINSU.

(Captions: Mark Hermano and Ria Bolivar. Nonoi Ybiernas, Pauline G. Banusing and Rex Victor Gardose)

Other friends who came in full fashion force were Iloilo’s Bad Boy of Fashion BO PARCON, REX VICTOR GARDOSE, NONOI YBIERNAS of Philippine Tatler, model/athlete MARK HERMANO, caterer to the rich and famous DING MONTELIBANO and vivacious NOEL MIRASOL.

Glamorous sister PANGGING and PANE ROSALES came, stayed for awhile and rushed to another party.

(Captions: The table is ready for dinner. The vegetable garden inspired table set up. The specialized menu prepared by Farm to Table Pauline G. Banusing for the birthday dinner she hosted for me.)

Everyone enjoyed on Kalabasa Soup, Coconut Fish Balls, Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza, Farmers Bowl Salad, Eggplant Truffle Lasagna, Nose to Tail Kare Kare, Braised Chicken with Honey Mushroom, Pan-seared Managat fillet with Local Spinach Cream Sauce, Crispy Pork Belly Slices and Purple Rice – all organic and free range!

Our sweet cravings were indulged with Ube Cake and Chocolate Squash Cake. Beveragic delights included Lemongrass Iced Tea, Calamansi Honey and Dragonfruit Shake.

(Captions: Coconut Fish Balls, Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza, Farmers Bowl Salad and Eggplant Truffle Lasagna. Nose to Tail Kare Kare, Braised Chicken with Honey Mushroom, Pan-seared Managat fillet with Local Spinach Cream Sauce and Crispy Pork Belly Slices. Dragonfruit Shake. Ube Cake)

Throughout the evening, my guests enjoyed each other’s company, not to mention the fine wine and organic draft beer from Italy. Cheers to PAULINE B. for making my birthday worth celebrating!


My birthday Series 1

(Captions: Yours truly and Kathleen E. Ynion at JLK Music Bar. Joe Marie Agriam and Kathleen E. Ynion at JLK Music Bar. Diane Jimenez, Mafelou Agriam, Baby Yusay and Dolly Chua. Nonoi Ybiernas, Zedrick Señeres and Rex Victor Gardose)

It is the time of the year when yours truly turns a year older and wiser! My birthday celebrations kicked off the night before my actual natal day!

One hour before bewitching hour, Woman of Style of Iloilo 2016 awardee KATHLEEN E. YNION treated yours truly and the gang to fine wine, hors d’oeuvres and good music at JLK Music Bar, a popular 80s lounge at Smallville.

At the stroke of midnight, glasses raised were for cheers and kisses exchanged for birthday greetings. The partying went on with lots of dancing till wee hours!

(Captions: The blowing of the candle on my birthday cake at the party hosted by Susan Uy Reyes for me. Eva Duenneisen, Susan Florete, yours truly and Susan Uy-Reyes. Yours truly with Nonoi Ybiernas, Pangging Rosales and Pane Rosales. Celso Javelosa and Rebecca Maravilla. Cheers!)

Tres charmante SUSAN UY-REYES also hosted an intimate dinner for ten for me at her well appointed residence in Villa Soriano.

Aprés the sumptuous dinner the hostess with the mostest lovingly prepared, bottles of bubbly and platterful of cheeses were served to the delight of everyone. It set the mood for fun conversations on fashion, current events and politics!

Needless to say, these were the start of a weeklong celebration with family and friends. (Photos by Pinoy Gonzales)

(Caption: Yumminess at Susan Uy-Reyes’s party for me.)


Style and Substance (Part 2)

(Captions: Jojie Lloren, Dr. Pacita T. Gonzalez, Jojo Ang and Pepoy Tancinco. Prima Buckley-Sweeney with Cream-y couple Mafelou and Joe Marie Agriam. Erriz Lanceta, Vanessa Lanceta-Co, Connie Lanceta and Liza Lanceta. Raymart Escopel and Nana Jover. Bo Parcon, Agnesette Marie B. Ausan and Franco Malay.)

Naturellement, Metro-Iloilo’s most fashionable and sociable personas came to see and be seen. They all enjoyed the sumptuous hors d’oeuvres by Chef MIGUEL CORDOVA of DoVa Brunch Café, overflowing fine wines, interesting conversation and 80s dance hits.

Architect and violinist SALVADOR “Badong” JUMAYAO entertained everyone with his brand of music.

(Captions: Ria Bolivar, Marco Salcedo and Bo Parcon. Aileen de la Cruz, Diane Jimenez and Dolly Chua. Rex Victor Gardose, Nonoi Ybiernas, Beverly “Pangging” Rosales, Sheilla Marie Golez-Tiongco and JM Tiongco. JR Sio and Zedrick Señeres.)

The partying went in crescendo with raffle of prizes from Seda Atria, Hair Evolution Studio by ERRIZ LANCETA, Cable Car Iloilo, Spa Riviera, Findr and CREAM Magazine.

Special thanks are extended to Robinsons Supermarket, Pepsi and Artjuana. Panay News is the official print media partner of Women of Style of Iloilo 2016.

(Captions: Jane Javellana, Kathleen E. Ynion, Pinoy Gonzales, yours truly and Mafelou Agriam. Jet Salcedo and Beverly “Pangging” Rosales. Salvador “Badong” Jumayao entertains guests with his brand of music. JM Tiongco and AJ Aldeguer Javier. Pinoy Gonzales, Iloilo City Councilor Joshua Alim and Remz Castor.)

Robinsons Place Iloilo and Robinsons Place Jaro were also cited for their full support for Women of Style of Iloilo. It was may be noted that the previous Women of Style of Iloilo events were held at Robinsons Place Iloilo. (Photos by Pinoy Gonzales and Ray Tabafunda)



Style and Substance (Part 1)

(Caption: Women of Style of Iloilo 2016: Agnesette Marie B. Ausan, Kathleen E. Ynion, Dr. Pacita T. Gonzalez, Dolly C. Chua and Ria Bolivar. Sarah G. Salcedo, Ivy Gurrea and Pinky Ybiernas were unable to attend because of prior commitments.)

One starry starry night, six lovely ladies were honored as Women of Style of Iloilo 2016 for their glamour and generosity with a portrait and gown exhibit and cocktail party at The Quad of Robinsons Place Jaro! They are fashion designer AGNESETTE MARIE B. AUSAN, supermodel RIA BOLIVAR, businesswoman/photographer DOLLY C. CHUA, cosmetic surgeon/businesswoman Dr. PACITA T. GONZALEZ, former diplomat SARAH G. SALCEDO and actress/model/businesswoman KATHLEEN E. YNION.

(Captions: Snipping of the ceremonial ribbon for the opening of Women of Style of Iloilo 2016 Exhibit: Raymart E. Escopel, Stella Mae S. Hembra, Beverly “Pnagging” Rosales, Sheilla Marie G. Tiongco and Rofel John Parreño. Agnesette Marie B. Ausan’s portrait and gowns. Ria Bolivar’s portrait and gown by Bo Parcon. Ria bolivar’s portrait and cocktail dress by Bo Parcon)

Snipping the ceremonial ribbon for the opening of the portrait and gown exhibit were Philippine Tatler Top Hostess BEVERLYPangging” ROSALES, Best Dressed Woman of the Philippines 2016 awardee SHEILLA MARIE G. TIONGCO, ROFEL JOHN PARREÑO of Robinsons Place Iloilo, STELLA MAE S. HEMBRA of Robinsons Place Jaro, and RAYMART E. ESCOPEL of Panay News. It was highlighted by the unveiling of portraits of the ladies. All were taken by US-based photojournalist PINOY GONZALES and society photographer RAY TABAFUNDA.

(Captions: Dolly Chua’s portrait and gowns by Pitoy Moreno. Pacita T. Gonzalez with her portrait and gowns by Pitoy Moreno. Franco Malay, Marco Salcedo, Ria Bolivar, yours truly and Agnesette Marie B. Ausan pose by portrait of Sarah G. Salcedo. Kathleen E. Ynion with her portrait and gowns by Rhett Eala and Francis Libiran)

The charity event cum cocktail party was for the benefit of the medical needs of EULAN DACH HISANAN, a four year old cancer patient from Roxas City. (To be continued. Photos by Pinoy Gonzales and Ray Tabafunda)

(Captions: Stephen Von Jeruta, Ray Tabafunda, Stella Mae s. Hembra and Rofel John Parreño. Yours truly and Beverly “Pangging” Rosales. Agnesette Marie B. Ausan and her uncle COMELEC Regional Director for WV Dennis Ausan. Dolly Chua sashays on the red carpet.)

Chevy chase

(Caption: Robert Po, Iloilo City Councilor Candice Tupas, Iloilo City Vice Mayor Joe Espinosa III, Selena Yu, Eddie Po, Conchita Po, Iloilo City Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog, Atty. Albert Arcilla, Peter Po, Jan Andrew Po and Carol Po)

Oh, well, it is not about the neighbourhood in Washington D.C. or the American actor/comedian. It is about the all-American car Chevrolet founded in 105 years ago by Swiss race car driver and automotive engineer LOUIS CHEVROLET with partners WILLIAM C. DURANT, WILLIAM LITTLE, JAMES H. WHITING, Dr. EDWIN R. CAMPBELL and R. S. McLAUGHLIN.

Yes, it was founded on November 3, 1911!

(Captions: Media briefing moderator Kate Chavez, Leah Avante, Atty. Albert B. Arcilla, Jan Andrew Po and Roselyn Dimalanta. Chevrolet latest models of cars. The Chevrolet Iloilo charming staff)

Through the years, the slogan, “A car for every purse and purpose,” has guided the brand. Nowadays, it has manufactured cars for each financial capability and lifestyle of all prospective customers.

Rightfully so, it has found its way to Metro-Iloilo! The new Chevrolet Iloilo Showroom and Offices was recently inaugurated with a weekend of fun and games for the young and young at heart.

(Captions: Ted Ong and Joe Marie Agriam. Jorry Palada, Nonoy Taclino, Raymart Escopel, Nana Jover and Apple Ochon)

Before the inaugural, a media briefing and site tour was conducted for the bloggers and lifestyle writers. JAN ANDREW PO, President of Grandcars, Inc.; Atty. ALBERT B. ARCILLA, President and Managing Director of Chevrolet Philippines; LEAH AVANTE of the National Sales Service; and ROSELYN DIMALANTA of the National After-Sales Services led the Q&A portion.

They also took the opportunity to promote the Chevrolet latest models – the new 2017 Chevrolet Colorado, the new 2017 Chevrolet Trailblazer and Chevrolet Sail!

(Captions: Goodies at the Kiddie Corner of Chevrolet Iloilo Showroom. Yumminess by Tonino’s at the opening of Chevrolet Iloilo Showroom)

Owners CONCHITA PO, ROBERT PO, EDDIE PO, PETER PO, SELENA YU, JAN ANDREW PO and CAROL PO welcomed the special guests who included Iloilo City Mayor JED PATRICK MABILOG, Vice Mayor JOE ESPINOSA III, Councilor CANDICE TUPAS and people like them.

(Captions: Yours truy getting directions. The piece de resistance at the display is the 1935 Chevy truck owned by the Garcia family)