A feast at the Strawberry Mansion (2)

Gila Ybiernas-Oquendo and Baby Rosales; Bombette Marin, Jet Salcedo, Nonoi Ybiernas and Richie Garcia; Prima Buckley-Sweeney, Kathleen Espina-Ynion and Mafelou Leagogo-Agriam; and Charrie Lui and Lolit Wong

Amid the revelry on the streets of Metro-Iloilo, the dinner party at the Strawberry Mansion went in crescendo with overflowing beveragic delights and dancing to the 70s and 80s music by a guest DJ.

Vivacious sisters PANGGING and PANE ROSALES, who are flamenco dancers, led the grooving and gyrating on the improvised dancefloor on the mansion’s covered driveway with dancing-est EDWIN HARMONIO, NIKKO ROSALES CID and gang of classmates at Med school in WVSU. Soon the dancefloor was filled with dancing guests!

Joemarie Layson with wife Dr. Tetchie Layson; Irma and Tony Lim; Girlie Ortaliz-Ganzon and Dodo Miñosa; and Sheila Arocena, Arden Dinson and Noel Mirasol

Not to be outdone, the lady of house NORMA PADILLA-ROSALES did a sultry tango and an upbeat cha-cha-cha with EDWIN H.!

When not dancing or engaging in fun conversations, everyone had their “Kodak” moments for posterity and for social media posting. Indeed, it was a fun night to celebrate the Golden Iloilo Dinagyang Festival in honor of its Patron, El Señor Santo Niño!

Mayor Mak de la Cruz of Don Salvador Benedicto, Negros Occidental; and Jack Matti

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