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Artist PG Zoluaga with yours truly, with Allain Hablo, Marvin Monfort Banaag, Allyn May Canja and Kristopher Brasileño, and poses before one of his Green Habitat paintings.

Pinoy Icon-Juan Luna 2011 awardee PG ZOLUAGA is always known for his advocacy-driven works. So, it was no surprise that he mounted “Habitat” at Gallery i at the recently renovated Old Iloilo International Hotel. The exhibition venue is the new home of the former Casa Real Gallery.

The 21-piece exhibit drew inspirations from the state of the environment in the Philippines. Habitat is from the Latin word habitare, which means it inhabits. “Habitat refers to the natural environment in which an organism or a population normally lives,” enthused the artist.

The Black Habitat paintings

The Red Habitat paintings

The paintings were divided into three dramatic colors: Black, Red and Green. Black Habitat dramatizes the impact of deforestation and pollution on the environment while Red Habitat represents the catastrophe that can affect human beings, death and destruction, and Green Habitat exemplifies the remaining greens of the land that help sustain life on earth. The color coding aims to stimulate the awareness of the audience on environmental issues that need to be addressed soon if not sooner.

The Green Habitat paintings

The ribbon-cutting ceremony, with Iloilo City Tourism Officer JUNEL ANN DIVINAGRACIA as special guest, was followed by cocktails on the corridors of the art deco building which overlooks the historic Calle Real.

According to the artist, the prices of the paintings ranged from P30,000 to P60,000!

Cocktails on the corridor of the Old Iloilo International Hotel which overlooks Calle Real

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