“Bring out the bubbly!” (Part 1)

Hardly had he unpacked his bags from a vacation in Paris, Negros Island Tourism Ambassador, the bon vivant francophile EDOUARD L. GARCIA threw a champagne-dinner party to celebrate his birthday at his residence in Bacolod City! He asked his guests to come in chateau attires! The Lacson-Garcia mansion is the last of its kind on Lacson Street!

In white crisp dress shirt, gold brocade pants and a Venetian mask, he welcomed his guest with his usual bubbly self on the foyer where cocktails were held. “Very French,” enthused vivacious NONOI YBIERNAS.

Porcelain birds ordered by interior designer JONATHAN MATTI from France decorated the dining room table while florals and foliage done by creative ADRIAN LIZARES cascaded from the chandelier. (Photos by C.M. Magallanes.To be continued)


2 Replies to ““Bring out the bubbly!” (Part 1)”

  1. Wow!
    Philippines and Bacolod’s “socialite life” has not changed much from the days that I used to be in the Phil, a couple or so decades ago! Same old, same old, mate!!!

    In fact, I personally either know or have met some of those people named in the above article and it is good to see that “Life Is Still Good” in the land of Haciendas……
    Bacolod is indeed a Lovely Place with Much Lovlier, Warm, Friendly, and of course Hospitable People, that I “Never Forget” their kindness and Friendship.

    Although I am not a Filipino, however I see the Philippines as my “Second Home”, and the Lady whom I have Always seen her like my own blood-related “Mother” was from Bacolod too. Her passing away in mid-2010 was a real great blow to me, as I lost an integral part of myself. Alsa, “C’est la vie”…..

    Actually, I was looking for something else on the net, when I came accross this page, saw the name of my Filipino Brother on the guest list and some other firends too.
    What a small world, indeed. It was really nice bumping into this site……

    With much love…..


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