Dancing the night away the disco way…

Benzen Llamado, Tommy Jimoga-on, Jeffrey Uygongco and Luis Arenio; Trina Fuentes, Edwin Zulueta and Ting Javellana; Bingbing and Vincent Tajanlangit; and Jasmine Castelo and Dodo Miñosa

Thank God, it was Friday! There was a good reason to party at Freddie’s Kitchen + Bar, the beehive of fun at The Mansion, for its “Born To Be Alive Disco Party!”

Of course, Metro-Iloilo’s most veritable discophiles enjoyed the good food and beveragic delight the bar offered. Tables were cleared to make way for them to shimmy and do the swing and “maskipaps.”

Jennifer Pangcog, Nacy Hechanova, Gerard Calanza, Jimmy Uy and Joel Uy; Scarlet French, Digby Francisco and Jinky Arana; The Mansion Marketing Communications Coordinator Babak Niaraki and COO Noel Sinclaire Sy; and yours truly and Gila Ybiernas-Oquendo

The party place was filled to the max that the shoulder to shoulder crowd competed for space and attention. They rubbed elbows, knocked knees and stepped on toes all in the name of having fun!

Suffice to say, the “Born To Be Alive Disco Party” was a resounding success! A little birdie whispered to yours truly in molto sotto voce that its part two is in the offing. N’est ce pas, NONOI YBIERNAS?

Ronald Sebastian with Alfred and Dr. Maria Victoria Hofileña; and Jove and Janice Jimenez

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