Fashion possibilities

“The same costume will be Indecent 10 years before its time, Shameless 5 years before its time, Outré (daring) 1 year before its time, Smart or Dowdy 1 year after its time, Hideous 10 years after its time, Ridiculous 20 after its time, Amusing 30 years after its time, Quaint 50 years after its time, Charming 70 years after its time, Romantic 100 years after its time, Beautiful 150 years after its time.”James Laver

It was a fun afternoon to watch fashion possibilities at The Fountain of my fave mall – Robinsons Place Iloilo. It held the grand finals of Design Lab 8th run! Reflecting the theme, Iloilo: The Past, The Present and The Possibility, the set design was inspired by the façade of the historic EUSEBIO VILLANUEVA Building on Calle Real!

A hotly contested finale, the finalists were grilled to the max but with insightful critique from the judges – award-wining fashion designer JEROME LORICO, Garage Magazine Editor EDLENE ROSE CABRAL and Mega Magazine Fashion Editor PATRICK GALANG. Before these fashion insiders, the finalists defended and justified the concept, inspiration, interpretation and execution of their collections. They were also queried on the future of their careers.

The finalists’ collections interpreted the grand finals’ theme.

Inspired by the gothic design of St. Anne’s Church in Molo, DARYL AMAR had his models wear cocktail dresses and a gown with intricate ribbed and basket weaved bustiers and embellishments. His creations were by far the most polished and fabulously tailored. His fabric manipulation was excellent. He was the crowd’s favorite. However, he was not able to justify his collection before the judges.

NIKKI MONARES interpreted the Jaro Metropolitan Cathedral with a twist. While the cathedral is a perfect example of a symmetrical design, a typically Romanesque Revival style that deviated from semi-circular arches, his pieces had asymmetrical collars and embellishments. He opted for black for edginess and punkiness.

The collection of the only lady finalist MARIA CRISTINA TY reflected the Baroque-Romanesque Miag-ao Church, a UN Heritage Site. The church’s ochre color is due to the materials used in constructing the church — adobe, egg, coral and limestone.  A prominent part of the façade is a coconut tree depicted as the tree of life where St. Christopher holds on. Her coral and beige creations had the coconut leaf-patterned appliqués. Her pieces are modern, fresh, very wearable and feminine that appealed to the judges.

After much deliberation, MARIA CRISTINA TY’s collection was awarded the Grand Prize. DARY AMAR came close second while NIKKI MONARES finished third. (Photos by Ray Tabafunda)


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