Happily ever after: The Reception

The newlyweds Philip James and Roselle Jane Pornel; the groom serenades his bride as they make their grand entrance to the party venue; and Princess Siao-Ollik, Lita Siao, Roselle Jane and Philip James Pornel and Rosali Ann Siao-Contis.

PHILIP JAMES C. PORNEL and ROSELLE JANE SIAO went to the same college – De La Salle College of St. Benilde. They met at a recollection where the latter noticed a guy “audibly laughing at the facilitator’s jokes.” “As for him, I caught his attention when I tried to discreetly walk inside the room smiling trying to conceal the fact that I was late. That time, I was with my batchmates and he was with his twin brother,” enthused JANE who managed to remember her future husband’s name. She asked a mutual friend from her previous church if she knew the PORNEL brothers who were track and field varsity players. She said “yes”.

Pornel brothers Elmer and Marvin with Castigador brothers Joe and John; the newlyweds with the bride’s family; Len Pornel and Myradel Porras-Pornel; and the newlyweds with the bride’s high school friends.

Call it twist of fate when her friend used her phone to text PHILIP. One thing led to another and they eventually exchanged messages, talked a lot and became friends. He then asked if he could sit in during her class, and voila, they’ve been inseparable ever since. As simple as it is, that is how it all started. Then their togetherness was solemnized with marriage vows and blessed by Jesus Christ!

The newlyweds with their Maid of Honor Valerie Bendoval and Best Man Patrick John Pornel; my brother Joe Castigador and yours truly; the bride Jane Siao-Pornel gets a bite from a slice of cake from her groom Philip James Pornel; and believed to be next in line to marry: Patrick John Pornel and his girlfriend Melissa Vibar.

Après the formalities – both solemn and emotional (there was no dry eyes when the groom paid tribute to his late Mom), a fun cocktail and dinner reception followed at the same venue. The groom serenaded his bride as they made their grand entrance to the party venue to the delight of everyone!

Amid the bounty of good food and sips and spills of fine wine, everyone partied and enjoyed each other’s company.

Yours truly with the Best Man Patrick John Pornel and my grand-nephew Josef Joachim P. Pornel; and the newlyweds with groom’s PAL officemates, bride’s PLDT officemates and high school friends, and their churchmates.

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