Maritess Lim celebrates

The celebrator Maritess Lim and with Marilou Chua , Fanny Uy, Norma Lao, Rovea Onglatco, Maria Regina Tan, Jane Celeste Gan-Limsui and Lourdes Lim; and Boyboy Lim.

Not even the heavy downpour and flashflood stopped tres charmante MARITESS LIM from celebrating her birthday at Griller’s Oyster House in Festive Walk of Megaworld.

Rightfully so, kiths and kin braved the inclement weather and traffic jam to greet and wish the celebrator the best in life!

The purple and fuchsia decors set the mood for partying at the second floor VIP Room of the restaurant the celebrator and vivacious ROVEA ONGLATCO own and manage.

Maritess Lim with Kamila Gay Lao , Jodelyn Lao and Sean Austin Lao; Reynold Lim , Robert Uy , Karl Lao, Ralph Uy, John Santi Uy Chua and Stephen Lao; Johanna Sia Tan, Jane Celeste Gan Limsui , Janet Tan , Lilia Lim and Lara Lim.

Overflowing beveragic delights and bountiful gastronomic treats complemented the interesting conversations on social media, weather and business.

Seen on the scene were the celebrator’s mom LOURDES LIM, hardworking businesswoman FANNY UY, couple PARLY and TWEETY BALLEZA who came with their good-looking son NIEL BALLEZA, best dressed LILIA LIM and statuesque NORMA LAO.

Later, the guests enjoyed cake and other goodies then participated in jolly sing-alongs to end the evening.

Maritess Lim with Kmart Lao , Trizia Lynne Lao and Elaine Lao; then she blows the candle on her birthday cake while Mafelou Agriam, Niel Balleza, Tweety Balleza and Joe Marie Agriam watch; and Vice Mayor Parly Balleza of Barotac Viejo, Iloilo.


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