A flamenco number; Walo Yap, Noel Mirasol and Mark Viterbo; Diday Chua, Ong Hoc Seng and Charrie Lui; Paul Tinsay, Lolit Wong, and Jade and Jun Montinola; and Sandra Ferrer and Solinda de la Cruz

The guests came in their Spanish-inspired outfits to complement the ambience of Abre Salòn at Casa Real de Iloilo. Rightfully so, the dishes prepared by the caterer to the rich and famous DING MONTELIBANO also added Spanish flavour to the event.

Special guest dancers, Señor JUAN ANTONIO de los REYES and Señor ANGEL GÒMEZ, brought the house down with their highly-expressive hand clapping, percussive footwork, and intricate hand, arm and body movement – indeed world-class performances. Retired flamenco dancer GUILLERMO GÒMEZ RIVERA enlightened everyone with the pre-war Abre Salòn history and events in Metro-Iloilo. Recognition and citation were also presented to LANGGA UYTIEPO, the widow of PANCHO UYTIEPO, a flamenco pioneer in Metro-Iloilo. These and more were much to the delight and applause of the audience.

Yours truly with brothers Alfred and Charlie Hofileña; Tristram Javellana and Langga Uytiepo; Markus and Eva Dunneisen; Jessica Buckley, Prima Buckley-Sweeney and Alan Sweeney; and Rafael Jardelez Jr., Avon Tinsay, Dialita Jardeleza, Prima Buckley and Cecilia Beckley

The Spanish-inspired dance numbers of Abre Salòn were a culmination of months of preparation including a flamenco study trip to Spain by some members of the school. (Photos by Ray Tabafunda)

Yours truly with Precy Andrada and Sandra Gòmez; Ivy Gurrea, Niera Totengco and Vedette Ong; Bo Parcon, Pepoy Tancinco and Katrina Loring; Sarah and Putli Fuerte; and Joel Roth and Bobby Rodriguez

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