Beverly “Pangging” Rosales; Joji “Pane” Rosales; the opening number; Fanny Uy, Norma Rosales and Lolit Wong; and Guillermo Gòmez Rivera, Fides Cuyugan-Asensio and Marite Asensio-Hofileña

The ANNIE DIVINGRACIA-SARTORIO School of Performing Arts celebrated the Spanish influence on Ilonggo culture with cocktails and show called Abre Salòn at the historic art deco Casa Real de Iloilo.

With euphoria and nostalgia, the event had flamenco as the piece de resistance! Socialites, professionals, students, dance enthusiasts and young misses regaled Iloilo’s perfume set and art lovers with a 45-minute action-packed performance which left everyone asking for more. (Photos by Ray Tabafunda; to be continued)

Pito Guevara, Baby Layson-Porras, Chona Layson-Bondoc, Claudine Bondoc, Lulu and Kristine Yap, Chinky Rolida, Bel Haley and Pinky Layson-Rojo; Mary May and JM Tiongco; Gila Ybiernas-Oquendo, Nikko Cid, Nono Palmos and Nonoi Ybiernas; couple Joemarie and Mafelou Agriam with Susan Uy Reyes; and Nap and Lynnie Denila

Bulak and Tata Loring; Lut Camiña and yours truly; Irma Lim and Patricia Lim; JR Bondoc and Katrina Loring; and the menu prepared by Ding Montelibano for Abre Salòn

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